It's time again. A new Madden NFL is on the doorstep. We played the game once for you and tested the different modes. The vermouth drops, which we want to install in advance, is: The game is only available in English. Text like language is not translated into German. If you are a fan of the language, you can find out what you can expect from the new EA Sports football game.

Offensive Gameplay

Madden NFL 2018 can be played in many different ways. The most common is, however, the coach style, with which we are our entire team, from center and quarterback over wide receiver and front back, to the defensive line. So we start with a test match to explain the basics. We play with the Vikings against the Seahawks. Both no unknown names in all those who deal with the matter.

The Vikings and the Seahawkes stand directly on the 50Yard line. Before that, we have worked out a strategy. This is shown in a window before installation. We select one of three tactics that we would like to do in the next turn with the selected keys (in our case, X, Y, or A, as we tested Madden on the Xbox One). We select the player who wants to throw the ball over a short distance to the right running running back. Back at the 50 yards line. The match starts. We are already looking forward to throwing the enemy out of the way with our clever strategy. Suddenly, our running back faces two opposing players. With a focused view, however, we are completely free to stand at the 90 yards line of our wide receiver. With an extremely long pass, which we could throw "freehand", through the new Freipass system. The ball also arrives. Even before the Seahawkes knew what was happening, the touchdown was already certain. After this touchdown and the same principle, our attacks continued. Until we were "forced" to switch to the defensive.

Defensive Gameplay

So we are back in line with the enemy team. The goal this time: Prevent the opponent from getting points. In the aforementioned coach mode, we play the entire team again. Here again we have one of three tactics at our disposal. These are usually very tricky. We choose a tactic in which we let the opponent actually believe we can let him run through. Surprisingly, that has worked at all. Our Defensive Tackles take a step backwards at the beginning, which gives the opposing Wide Reciever the chance to change the tackles. Would not our safety. While our guards shield the enemy, our safety falls directly into the flank of the Wide Reciever, making it impossible for him to catch the ball. It did not look so bad at the beginning, for the Seahawkes. The game changed again after another four attempts on the offensive and starts again. We also defeated the Seahawkes with a 2-point lead.

Franchise Mode Player

Before we start in franchise mode, we have the choice as what we want to start. We have coaches, players or managers at our disposal. We start as a player. First of all, we select the position of the Strong Safety. So we are playing on the defensive. For demonstration purposes, what is possible with the really extensive, character editor so it is possible, we have created you a screenshot of our player. May we introduce:

So let's start our season. As a player, we have only the opportunity to move ourselves in the field, which means that we need the coach to use us at all. But before the training. In this we learn in short what we have in our team for a task. In our case, there is a small area in the left corner behind the defensive line. Thus our player is the "last blockade" between the opposing player and the Tochdown line. We finished our workout, which was to finish the ball-owner before he reached the 10 yards line. For that we got EXP. These can be invested in new skills after each workout or game, such as a particularly strong tackle or a harder blocking to prevent an opponent from coming to the ball. In the field, we get even more commands and flexibility. On the other hand, we can also put the points in the average values to improve them. General Blocking, Tackling, Speed, Stamina, Strength, etc. Before each match, we are assigned special tasks for which we can collect Bonus EXP. These include, for example, "Take out 8 tackles". If this is done, we will get our extra points at the end of the match.

Franchise Mode - Trainer

As a coach, we have the task of managing the entire team. As with the budget new players to buy or sell. The games are exactly as described above: offensive and defensive. In addition, we have the task to determine the training of the players and to ensure that they also exercise their sport reasonably. If a player does not spurt, we can take this side aside and tell him a few bars. In addition, we also have special tasks and abilities that we can expand with EXP.

Franchise Mode Manager

As manager, we take over the entire budget of the team. We do not really have anything to do with the actual matches. We can determine everything, but we do not have to. After all, we have coaches and players among us. We care about how many of our well-earned dollars we want to spend on player transfers and how big our stadium will be. So we are fully in the business of the millions and do not have much to do with the actual football game, except that we always have to provide enough coal.

The Longshot Mode

In the Longshot mode, we accompany Devin West, a high school footballer. The whole thing is more of a gripping story than a simple match on match. We learn in the first minutes of the game that Devins father was a football player. He himself would like to get into the upper league together with his childhood friend. One day he is invited to a pro-training, as is his faithful companion and friend. You will be asked questions during the journey. The process is a little compared with a telltale game. Everything you do, say or do not say, will sooner or later be your advantage or doom. This creates a separate story, which can also take different courses. The decision how the career of your Devin West runs, remains however there completely however with you.

Graphics and Sound

Let's return to the graphics and the sound. The game looks quite nice, but still has some flaws. Thus, e.g. in Longshot Devin approached by an obtrusive reporter. This should probably have a mobile phone on the ear. Instead, he phones with his hand. At another point in the game suddenly the football disappeared or we see a block and a pen, while the someone with the air entertained - very curious. However, these are also the only problems we have noticed. The game flow during the free games or also in the franchise mode went completely clean over the stage. The sound is definitely a taste. From hip hop and country over rock-tuned melodies everything is included. But most of it sounds like pop and charts. as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more Madden 18 news and cheap mut 18 coins for sale with instant delivery.